Sam - A Sexy New Web Series

Sam Kirkpatrick, at 33, decides to flip her life upside down, leaving her 'perfect' boyfriend, her comfy gov job, and her beautiful shared apartment for a new single life and reawakened sexuality. 

The Right Time PSA

An endearing PSA about a tough time in every parent's life. Written and directed by Rick Kaulbars.

Eschatos Radio Play Interview

Ottawa International Writer's Festival 2012 presents a short interview of the writers and performers of Eschatos, an abstract radio drama contemplating the apocalypse.

Night of the Living Dead LIVE

A teaser (with official George A Romero intro) of Night of the Living Dead LIVE! A full theatre experience presenting an original 35mm projected print of Romero's 1968 horror classic Night of the Living Dead mit sound, with a live orchestra, live foley and live voice acting synced to the film! 

Smash Cut International Trailer

International Trailer of Lee Demarbre's cult classic, Smash Cut. 

Harvey's 'Name Me' Burger Commercial


Last Impression

Digi60 2015 winner. Sometimes your last impression is a lasting impression. 

Re-Entry - Digi60 2015 Entry